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About Laurie

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Laurie March Design

Dream.  Fix.  Move.  Solve.

Laurie March is a project manager and interior designer in Los Angeles. These key words are the major words she uses daily in her work. Laurie March Design was created to fill the growing gap between contractors, services, products and design as well as guide the client’s vision, patience, schedule, and budget.

Confused? It’s no wonder. Today there are hundreds of magazines, thousands of stores, and gazillions of websites that show how to bring design into your space and improvement into your lifestyle.  Even more overwhelming- there are tool kits, instruction manuals in three languages, (Thank you- Ikea!) and television shows that expect you to attack repairs yourself.  If your expertise in home improvement falls short of picture hanging and your schedule looks like a cruel joke- you are not alone.

March works with homeowners, renters, and realtors to understand the updates, repairs, designs, and additions they want to make to their homes. She stirs in contractors, budgeting, negotiating, managing, patience, and a little (ok, a lot…) of elbow grease.  Any given day her work includes exploding hot water heaters and leaky faucets to sofa pillows and solar panels- all delivered with careful thought to making life good and adding value to your biggest investment.

Most of March’s time is spent managing projects in her clients’ home, connecting people with skilled contractors, and scouting out great design, products, and service providers. Know a cool contractor or product we should know? Drop Laurie March Design a line!

Laurie March Design

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